worn out blogandrogynous fashionthe worn outmotel rocksthe worn outand as one last piece of advice, she said, don’t hold down the sun. and i understood it as something like this:

your brittle skin deserves to absorb the sun’s light. your veins, uninspired, crave its radiating heat. your lungs expand to the rhythm of its cycle. rising, collapsing, but breathing- a new perspective is born.

your thoughts, elevated, reach for the sun above.


TOP by Motel Rocks
MAXI SKIRT by Motel Rocks

Photos by Sam Doyle

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segments of my vision.

androgynous fashion bloggerthewornout.comshookaworn out blogthe worn out blogthewornout.comshooka


we are bigger than this body, bigger than our world. we dream in dimensions we’ve never experienced. we trust the chaos, believe in the rush. we hold our hearts accountable, and feeling has never felt so good.

because you are a dream- pigmented from segments of my vision and assembled, sorted, filtered and set in motion into my reality. an out of this world, bigger than our soul, endless maze- i’m happy to be lost here with you.



Guest Model: Kayleigh Waterman
Photos by Sam Doyle


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“you don’t let people like that go” she said.

and i listened. with permission from my stubborn taurean ears. it’s hard not to. when i get distracted by the arch of your brows. matching the arch of your lower back. my fingertips tracing along your spine. proceeding, cautious. i am paralyzed. clench, release. a beautiful sacrifice. your presence meets mine. collided, magnetized. mesmerized by your taurean eyes. latching on to you, as advised.


TIGHTS by Motel Rocks

Photos by Mario Pantoja

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our flames.

moira noree vintagemoira noree vintage

the bedford chicagomoira noree vintagethe bedford chicagothe bedford chicagoworn out blog - shookawith my head melted on your chest, i like listening to your heart beat because it reminds me that you too are waiting for an interruption. we rebel against consistency because we know it’s just the devil’s trick to keep our flames low. but we prefer the heat. ideas rubbing against one another. a spark.


JUMPSUIT by Mustard Seed
BLAZER thrifted
LION NECKLACE by Moira Noree Vintage
LEOPARD COAT by Motel Rocks

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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tough crowd.

sequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nycsequin nyc

you have to learn to love being alone. your unwanted, sneaky thoughts leak out the cracks when no one’s around, and they’re a tough crowd. but standing against the flow of black is a stance worth crumbling for. give your emotions a chance. the distractions you create for yourself by being surrounded have an unfair advantage over your raw inner self. so for the sake of your crumbling core, learn how to love being alone, i repeat to myself.


 CLOTHING by Moira Noree Vintage

Assistant styling by Moira Noree
Make up/hair by Ali Kraus
Photos by Calvin Bellas

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candle heart.

Motel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastyGal

i blink vulnerability. it’s what makes me human. and it’s more endearing than you might think. a dash of doubt, a splash of lost, and a tingle in my heart that doesn’t quite know which emotion to gravitate towards.

i wish you would see it- that the runny wax from your candle heart is much prettier liquified. once reached the surface of its cold surrounded walls, the runny wax of your heart hardens. you follow your logic- that no one will break you if they’ve never seen you broken.

but one day you’ll get it- that those who make us vulnerable give us the rare chance of being human. for better or for worse. risking stabilized emotions. letting loose all that makes us vulnerable at a chance of gaining a little thing called being human. and it’s much prettier than you might think.

because this is human stuff, you know, it’s what sets me apart from the cold, consistent ground i’m standing on.


HAMSA TOP by Motel Rocks
PLATFORM SHOE by Jeffrey Campbell x Nastygal
FUR COAT by Nastygal

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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puppet eyes.

androgynous fashion - shookaandrogynous fashion - shookaandrogynous fashion - shookaandrogynous fashion - shookaandrogynous fashion - shooka

i’ll crawl into your head at night. through your ears. with devil-controlled eyes. reaching your untouchable filth. the thrill of getting caught. mesmerized by your leaking thoughts.

i’ll scrape the walls of your brain. sneak behind your vision. control your puppet eyes. a grand demonstration of what no one else saw. remind you of why you wanted me out of your mind.

what a celebration of our devil-controlled eyes.


DROP CROTCH PANTS by This is a Love Song
SHOES by Unif
CROP TOP by Topshop

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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nyfw day 4


The Sunday of fashion week was a bit more relaxed but productive. I spent 1.5 hours in a cab stuck in traffic on my way to interviewing the ladies of Veer NYC (look out for the interview next week). After fan-girling over Jenny and Allie of Veer at a cute little cafe in East Village, I met up with a few friends for a quick bite before the #socialyteGala, which mostly involved champaign, the Menswear Dog and… lots of mini veggie burgers.

The night naturally ended at The Hudson when we were all a little over human faces.


My outfit:
TOP by Urban Outfitters
HENDRIX PANTS by Our Prince of Peace

SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell

Top two photos by event photographers
See rest of event photos here

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against gravity

jac vanekjac vanekjac vanekjac vanekjac vanekjac vanekjac vanekjac vanek

your eyelids push against gravity and slowly begin to open, letting in the vision you wish you could change about the world. you rise from bed and make your way towards the closed back porch, following the speckle of light dancing on the ladder to the roof. you climb up the ladder, secure one foot on the roof then the other. fully arose, a breeze of fresh air overcomes the stale dungeon of your lungs. you turn around to face the city in front of you. the rushing winds howl at you, as if you owe them something. you take in a single breath, filling your lungs with another chance at making things happen. you exhale, letting out everything that never worked out and never will. against gravity, you let go.


JACKET by Jac Vanek
SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by I HATE BLONDE


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