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“you don’t let people like that go” she said.

and i listened. with permission from my stubborn taurean ears. it’s hard not to. when i get distracted by the arch of your brows. matching the arch of your lower back. my fingertips tracing along your spine. proceeding, cautious. i am paralyzed. clench, release. a beautiful sacrifice. your presence meets mine. collided, magnetized. mesmerized by your taurean eyes. latching on to you, as advised.


TIGHTS by Motel Rocks

Photos by Mario Pantoja

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puppet eyes.

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i’ll crawl into your head at night. through your ears. with devil-controlled eyes. reaching your untouchable filth. the thrill of getting caught. mesmerized by your leaking thoughts.

i’ll scrape the walls of your brain. sneak behind your vision. control your puppet eyes. a grand demonstration of what no one else saw. remind you of why you wanted me out of your mind.

what a celebration of our devil-controlled eyes.


DROP CROTCH PANTS by This is a Love Song
SHOES by Unif
CROP TOP by Topshop

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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safe haven.


i’ve been longing for your arrival. it’s a little past 3am and you said you’ll be here by tomorrow. i know i’m a little anxious but the scratches on my neck are getting a little too itchy and i need a distraction.

so to kill time i make my way down the spiral staircase and out the back door. i stroll down the alley and stand under my favorite streetlight. i like standing under streetlights because the buzzing of the flies is a calming rhythm to me. it reminds me that they too want to be warm and surrounded.

from this haven i wonder what you’re doing. maybe putting on your favorite lipstick that matches the dark plum sweater you wore that night we both decided no one else matters. or maybe you’re standing directly in front of the headlights of an old lady’s BMW moments before she forgets to hit the brakes. like that night you were rushing to get to the train station. but instead you were left under a streetlight. just past 3am. surrounded by flies buzzing to the rhythm of this calm, breathless moment.

i’m not sure when you’re arriving, and i’m not sure why i repeat this routine every night. maybe i’m learning from this. maybe it’s true what they say:

 “that reality is never what i imagine it to be from the safe haven of introspection.”


SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell
 SKIRT by Forever21

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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frozen crystals.

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there’s a vessel in your heart that’s screaming louder than the rest. it’s the attention-craving kind; the type that won’t let the world overlook.

but there lies a corner in your spirit that won’t compromise.

so you tiptoe away and hide in a hollow moment by yourself. screams lost in shadows. sounds cancel each other out.

frozen crystals tumbling down your naked spine.


TOP by Unif

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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walls melt


early morning is when i give into you the most
i backtrack the distance i walked away
and i forget the rules

stripes of soft light sneak through shutters into your room
eyes met
walls melt
and i can’t decide what is more real:

my confliction or you.


BEETLE JUICE PANTS by Black Milk Clothing

BUSTIER by Urban Outfitters

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depth of chaos

i had a dream that i forgave you
and it went something like this:

in the depth of the chaos we both worked so hard to create
in the midst of a reality we both worked so hard to push away
did you think
for one second
that perhaps love
is a thing we can share
not just to pull in for control
and push away for comfort
but just to keep close
and not just in a dream
but in reality

and in my reality
it goes something like this:

i forgive you


THIGH HIGHS by American Apparel

TOOTH NECKLACE by Grand Bizzare

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