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i always feel like i’m running out of time–that the dimensions of the world are inching closer, closing in, trapping in my slow-moving limbs–and i cure this illusion by attempting to think otherwise, begging for logic, waiting for release. but then it always comes down to this:

i am, quite literally, running out of time.


TANK BY Sweet Claire Clothing

photos by Calvin Bellas

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Clashing prints and rocking head pieces before it was cool, M.I.A. has style for days.


Mono and dual-color 2 pieces have made a huge impact on fashion this year. Along with the use of lamé fabrics, dressing down with sneakers, and oversized gold jewelry. But let’s take it one step further and accessorize with an Indian royal hand fan. And there you have it, M.I.A at the 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival.


miaWith M.I.A.’s recent trip to India to gain inspiration to write and record her 4th studio album, we can tell that South Asian culture has not only inspired her music, but her future fashion moments as well. Holding an Indian hand fan, historically used to cool off royalty in the Mughal era, you can see why we refer to her as Queen of the underground. I’m never surprised to see that M.I.A. has put herself together in an effortless and ingenious way, and based on her collaborations with Marc Jacobs, Donatella Versace, and now Kenzo, neither are the fashion industry’s leading designers.

Maya has a history of using color in a way that separates herself from other risk-taking fashion idols. She combines sensory overloading fashion ensembles with politically influenced music from her British-Sri Lankan roots to create the ultimate creative expression. No wonder she exudes so much power. I started listening to M.I.A. back in 2008–stimulated by her music and her style–and I never looked back. Not only does she hit the stage looking fresh to death but her back up singers and dancers do as well, assembled in bold red and green 2 pieces with cool arm spinning, feet stomping moves and vocals to match.


When I look at Maya, I see an important message: Let go, live free and don’t give a fuck. Look for inspiration everywhere, take it in and let it out. Push your style forward, and never stop pushing.

Now, while we all want to be M.I.A. when we grow up, It’s not necessarily in the cards. I can’t promise a lucrative career as a recording artist but I can help enhance your look and get you dressing like her.

Get M.I.A.’s Pitchfork look >>>


1. Superga X The Row Faille Low Top Sneaker $250.00

2. Faith Connexion Cotton Lamé T-Shirt $200.00

3. ASOS Fringe Shorts $37.33

4. Chilli Beans Round Wood Sunglasses $58.00

5. Robyn Rhodes Rose Gold and Jade Nima Ring $138.00

6. Indian Hand Fan $125.00


more items

1. Oscar De La Renta Equipage Foulard Scarf Print Blouse $38.20

2. Oversized Blue Suede Fringed Jacket $45.00

3. Vintage Chanel Oversized Bangle $1750.00

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Grab oranges, reds, greens, fuchsias, dollar bill prints, parrot prints, oversized suede jackets, ruffed up sneakers, metallics,and some gold chains to hit your chest when you’re banging on the radio.

Combine your look with a bold lip color and some funky nail art and you’re set.

Bold lip colors >>>


1. Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick, Shade: Fuchsia $25.00

2. Portland Lipstick Company, Shade: Chlorosis $10.00

Other M.I.A.-esque items >>>


1. Kenzo Cotton Blend Tiger Print Jacket $935.00

2. Marc Jacobs Round Sunglasses $310.00

3. Chanel Nail Polish, Shade: Mimosa Le Vernis $29.99


1. I Am Vibes LTD Gold Head-chain $38.20

2. Moira Noree Vintage Evil Eye Necklace $200.00


Stalk Moira on Instagram
Shop her vintage store at www.shopmoiranoree.com


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attachment to the speed of time

in those moments when you feel most uncomfortable-

the awkward silences
the moments in between
your attachment to the speed of time

deflect from patching up segments of your life, following a deception that perhaps the human experience is better understood as one perfectly piece

and instead,

let yourself dissolve in the discomfort that is floating from one journey to another
sitting in between
soaking in nothing

because sometimes it is those gaps—times in between, moments unknown—that allow light, the most beautiful light, to shine through the spaces where it would otherwise be trapped if there were no breaks-  no gaps. let the discomfort breath and evolve itself. dissolve in its beauty. see the light. don’t understand or conclude. be uncomfortable because nothing beautiful ever came from comfort.


TIE UP SHORTS by Tunnel Vision
PLATFORM SHOE by Urban Outfitters

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4th of july is dead

[vimeo 46205003 w=500 h=281]

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addicted to the chaos,
smooth roads were never stimulating for us
we woke up begging for a challenge
exhausted, we kept searching for more

destruction is what we do best
not just today, but every day,
we feel like destroying something beautiful
paralyzed, we keep moving forward


GOLD BANDEAU by American Apparel

Photos by Calvin Bellas & Aaron Bell
Video by Aaron Bell

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