New York Fashion Week Day 1

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First day of my favorite madness. I flew to New York hella early Friday morning and took a cab straight to Rachel’s place in Bushwick, aka second home. After spending a week in a desert at Burning Man (diary post coming soon), the phrase culture shock doesn’t even explain it.

Rachel hadn’t quite come alive for the day yet, so I had this cute thought that maybe I could nap before we started the day. Then it clicked that I’m in New York and was like LOL we have about an hour to get ready and get an uber to our first show. Wishful thinking, ya feel me?

We hit up two shows yesterday: Sally LaPointe and Martin Keehn. Sally LaPointe was basically everything I want to be… clean black/white, classy but somehow still casual. I’d wear Sally LaPointe to grab a tea down the street or a cocktail at the Dream. And seeing how some of my favorite brands are Skingraft, ODD, etc, it was pretty easy to obsess over Sally LaPointe. Martin Keehn was also great because I hadn’t seen a menswear presentation in a while and the vibe of the show was really chill and not so rushed feeling like most of fashion week.

In between shows Rachel and I also stopped at the Sequin NYC showroom. My good friend is the PR girl at Sequin and she hooked us up with some cool jewels. After the three events of the day my the bottom of my feet felt like they were gonna explode (can’t complain though, I mean look at those amazing Steve Maddens) and I needed some grub in my system. So Rachel and I ended the night by ordering sushi in bed and watching the L word and falling asleep by the exciting hour of 11:30pm.

HAREM PANTS by Swaychic
TOP vintage

SHOES by Steve Madden
SUNGLASSES by Incognito Eyewear

Photos by Phillip Van Nostrand

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