New York Fashion Week Day 3

new york fashion week10336588_10103378938157677_4763867771976115765_nIMG_1504IMG_1507IMG_1506BDE_6434 paul's boutique thriftwaresIMG_1549sequin nyc jewelrybcbg jacket thriftwaresnyfwDay three of fashion week was pretty productive and inspiring. My favorite part of fashion week is getting to see so many different designs and styles back to back, and in return getting inspired for my own designs and styling. It’s also amazing to meet all the driven, dedicated people involved in fashion, who each have a different role and contribute to this giant amazing mess called fashion week.

Anyway, above are a few photos that one of my photographers Phil took of me following the Sheena Trivedi show. The harem pants I’m wearing here (by Thriftwares- check them out!) are probably my most favorite thing I’ve ever owned. So androgynous and chic and perfect. After the Trivedi show we headed straight to Milk Studios, which is my favorite venue to see fashion in. We got to hang and sip on some champagne pre show in the penthouse lounge then saw some amazing menswear presentations. Rachel and I decided we could see menswear for all of fashion week and be happy.


HAREM PANTS by Thriftwares
BAG by Paul’s Boutique
NECKLACE by Sequin
SUNGLASSES by Incognito Eyewear
SHOES by Steve Madden

Photos by Phillip Van Nostrand and Bri Elledge

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