underwater city.


bodies are shifting all around me, stepping from one square brick to the next. at some point, someone took a brick to hand and placed it here, carefully glueing a stepping stone for all to conquer. yet there’s no movement here. i watch faces pass each other in utter disinterest. like lukewarm water escaping the palm of my hands and heading downward through my fingers. i’m out of touch.

i crave mayhem, i crave for the rush. i’m afraid there’s no progress. and maybe the city is underwater, slowing down movement as some rip through their muscles trying to paddle forward, unable to beat the current.


BODYSUIT by Nasty Gal
SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell
BAG by Paul’s Boutique
NECKLACE by Blue Hen Shop
BRACELET by Electric Feather Co

Photos by Briana Elledge

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candle heart.

Motel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastyGal

i blink vulnerability. it’s what makes me human. and it’s more endearing than you might think. a dash of doubt, a splash of lost, and a tingle in my heart that doesn’t quite know which emotion to gravitate towards.

i wish you would see it- that the runny wax from your candle heart is much prettier liquified. once reached the surface of its cold surrounded walls, the runny wax of your heart hardens. you follow your logic- that no one will break you if they’ve never seen you broken.

but one day you’ll get it- that those who make us vulnerable give us the rare chance of being human. for better or for worse. risking stabilized emotions. letting loose all that makes us vulnerable at a chance of gaining a little thing called being human. and it’s much prettier than you might think.

because this is human stuff, you know, it’s what sets me apart from the cold, consistent ground i’m standing on.


HAMSA TOP by Motel Rocks
PLATFORM SHOE by Jeffrey Campbell x Nastygal
FUR COAT by Nastygal

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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starry eyed

motel rocks motel rocks - bloggerjac vanek - motel rocksmotel rocks - bloggermotel rocks - jac vanek

blind to the bone, i saw nothing but the pretty pattern of the pores on your back. white sheets, heat waves, bodies melt aside. you were hot to the touch but i wasn’t afraid. you said you know my kind. you know exactly how we are. you said people such as i jump clouds and are starry eyed, and that we’re your favorite kind.


TOP by Motel Rocks
MAXI SKIRT by Motel Rocks
JACKET by Jac Vanek
SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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imagine the thrill

motel rocks - shooka - worn outmotel rocksmotel rocks - shooka - worn outmotel rocksworn outmotel rocksshooka

breaking through circular cycles, a vast movement has occurred on behalf of our change-resistant hearts. an unexplained, randomly desired phenomena- we’re just chasing the rush today.

step up and tell me you’re in. steal the earth’s warmth and spread its energy. break into motels. chase adventure without an explanation. imagine the thrill.


TOP by Motel Rocks
MAXI SKIRT by Motel Rocks
SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell x NastyGal 

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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frozen crystals.

unif clothing - halloween unif clothing - halloweenUnif clothing - halloweenunif clothing - halloweenunif clothing - halloween

there’s a vessel in your heart that’s screaming louder than the rest. it’s the attention-craving kind; the type that won’t let the world overlook.

but there lies a corner in your spirit that won’t compromise.

so you tiptoe away and hide in a hollow moment by yourself. screams lost in shadows. sounds cancel each other out.

frozen crystals tumbling down your naked spine.


TOP by Unif

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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Interview with Veer NYC – Taking Gender Out of Clothing

Veer NYC interview - Jenny and Allie

“The clothing is coming to you genderless and you can do what you want with it” says Jenny of Veer NYC as she and Allie sit across from me on a bench in the back patio of a cute little cafe in West Village.

Between our mutual frustration with the term “boyfriend jeans”, fascination with drop crotch pants, and confusion about why most clothing comes in binary options, my interview with the Veer ladies felt more like an afternoon hang out than work for my blog.

When I first started following Veer NYC on Instagram last winter, I definitely didn’t foresee interviewing the ladies behind the genderless New York retailer during Fashion Week days after their launch. When I contacted them about doing an interview for my blog, not only were they up for it, they were actually pumped (turns out, not everyone in fashion is an asshole.)

So tell me how Veer started.
Jenny: We kind of wanted a career change and at the same time we had started really getting into wearing menswear but were having a hard time figuring out how menswear would fit us and what brands to go to. So we kind of started by building ourselves up on social media. Beside our intern this summer and our web person, it was really just the two of us.

What does ‘Veer’ mean and how would you describe your line?
Jenny: It stands for all who stray from the main path. “veer off”. Veer NYC interview - Jenny and Allie

We don’t like to play up on either end of the spectrum. We just want to find that actual gray area, whether that’s taking menswear and not calling it menswear anymore or womenswear that’s not really feminine. I mean with menswear, you look at this stuff and you’re like well, why is this menswear?

Allie: We were shooting everything [for the website] with a model, and she would walk on set and be like this is kinda cool and we’d be like you know that’s menswear right? And she’d be like oh cool I can totally wear this. But we also carry a couple brands that are unisex like Muttonhead.

What’s your favorite piece of the collection?
Allie: The Pullover Parka. It has a nice leather detail on the hood. It’s really nice thick material and I’m so excited to wear it this fall with jeans and boots.

Jenny: The Diver Jacket. This is actually from an exclusive line just for us, and it’s designed after a scuba suit. It’s really thick and nice. And it’s menswear!

If you could dress anyone, who would it be?
Both: Ericka Linder

Veer NYC interview - Jenny and Allie

What does androgyny mean to you?
Jenny: Language is a very tough thing for us, but we’ve found androgyny to be the best term, at least right now. We would love for clothing to just be clothing. To some people androgyny means a mixture of both ends of the spectrum. To us, it’s neither.

With our clothing, we don’t want to tell someone what they identify as. If a feminine female wears something from our line, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she now identifies as androgynous or that she should feel any less feminine than she did before.

When we photograph our models we cut out their face and hold their hair back because we don’t want to provide any predispositions. The clothing is coming to you genderless and you can do what you want with it.

What’s next?
Jenny: We’ll be doing some pop-up stores. We’re also working on lots of cultural content. We have a lot of interviews and photo and video shoots coming up. We’re very excited!

Photo of Jenny and Allie after our interview

You can see the full Veer NYC collection here: www.veernyc.com
Join me in obsessing over their Instagram here: www.instagram.com/veernyc


Top photo by Veer
Middle photo by Katherine Gray
Bottom photo taken on my phone

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shaken skull.


it’s an ugly thing and you hear about it and you think about it but you don’t quite get it until it’s you, paralyzed at the knees in the middle of your kitchen, crumbled on the floor, like a baby deer’s unsuccessful first step, but in your case the person that taught you how to walk isn’t there to pick you up, instead she’s turned you inside out, putting your vulnerability on the forefront as you’re stuck inside yourself, struggling to see, feel, hear anything but the loud dial tone left from an abruptly ended conversation, echoing hatred from wall to wall and straight into your shaken skull, but you keep repeating in your head the teachers the books the research they all say it happens and you’ve felt it and you’ve let it kill you until you’ve believed in it but it takes one voice or the lack of it from one person one time to make you step backwards and overanalyze and perhaps even think you can change things back to match the desires of another but you’re unable to change or listen or speak and with the little space left in your brain to generate thoughts you wonder how can anyone hate such a pure thing so you say it louder than the dial tone, louder than her expectations, louder than your fears, how can you hate such a beautiful thing. 


LEATHER SKIRT by Grand Bizzare

Photos by Grand Bazzare

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nyfw day 4


The Sunday of fashion week was a bit more relaxed but productive. I spent 1.5 hours in a cab stuck in traffic on my way to interviewing the ladies of Veer NYC (look out for the interview next week). After fan-girling over Jenny and Allie of Veer at a cute little cafe in East Village, I met up with a few friends for a quick bite before the #socialyteGala, which mostly involved champaign, the Menswear Dog and… lots of mini veggie burgers.

The night naturally ended at The Hudson when we were all a little over human faces.


My outfit:
TOP by Urban Outfitters
HENDRIX PANTS by Our Prince of Peace

SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell

Top two photos by event photographers
See rest of event photos here

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nyfw day 3

IMG_1010 IMG_1467 IMG_9643IMG_9656IMG_9739IMG_9744IMG_9747IMG_98500091-WZMN59

Saturday of fashion week was, as expected, quite hectic. Rachel and I somehow managed to catch a cab to Lincoln Center in time for the Herve Leger show. Besides trying not to get distracted by how overcrowded and hot it was inside, the show was the strappy black, white, and otherwise dark presentation of my dreams.

After the show we did a few interviews and got photographed outside Lincoln and had just enough time to grab some coffee before heading to the Lookbook party… which was probably my favorite party of the weekend. the Lookbook crowd is different than your average fashion week crowd–there’s a general no-fucks-given attitude in the air. And it’s contagious. Instead of trying to namedrop or pretend to know designers no one’s ever heard of, the Lookbook family welcomed me with pretty cocktails and even prettier boy bartenders (yeah… I was even into them).

I’m trying to get these posts up as quickly as I can. I apologize for the delay!


My outfit:
CROP TOP by Topshop
SHOES by Unif

Runway photos by Brandon Farrington


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