suffocate the dictator.

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it’s easy to let limitation be the dictator. like the eery sound of a silent room without vents or circulation. hollow yet substantial.

but how beautiful life can be when you simply let yourself ride. when you realize freedom isn’t about the rules made by those around you but about the limitations you put on your own choices.

run up hills, roll down them. let the air around you suffocate the dictator.


HAT by Nasty Gal

Location: Nylon event

Photos by Jen Senn

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New York Fashion Week Day 3

new york fashion week10336588_10103378938157677_4763867771976115765_nIMG_1504IMG_1507IMG_1506BDE_6434 paul's boutique thriftwaresIMG_1549sequin nyc jewelrybcbg jacket thriftwaresnyfwDay three of fashion week was pretty productive and inspiring. My favorite part of fashion week is getting to see so many different designs and styles back to back, and in return getting inspired for my own designs and styling. It’s also amazing to meet all the driven, dedicated people involved in fashion, who each have a different role and contribute to this giant amazing mess called fashion week.

Anyway, above are a few photos that one of my photographers Phil took of me following the Sheena Trivedi show. The harem pants I’m wearing here (by Thriftwares- check them out!) are probably my most favorite thing I’ve ever owned. So androgynous and chic and perfect. After the Trivedi show we headed straight to Milk Studios, which is my favorite venue to see fashion in. We got to hang and sip on some champagne pre show in the penthouse lounge then saw some amazing menswear presentations. Rachel and I decided we could see menswear for all of fashion week and be happy.


HAREM PANTS by Thriftwares
BAG by Paul’s Boutique
NECKLACE by Sequin
SUNGLASSES by Incognito Eyewear
SHOES by Steve Madden

Photos by Phillip Van Nostrand and Bri Elledge

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New York Fashion Week Day 1

new york fashion weeknew york fashion week new york fashion weeknew york fashion week new york fashion week nyfwnew york fashion week new york fashion week new york fashion week steve madden steve madden

First day of my favorite madness. I flew to New York hella early Friday morning and took a cab straight to Rachel’s place in Bushwick, aka second home. After spending a week in a desert at Burning Man (diary post coming soon), the phrase culture shock doesn’t even explain it.

Rachel hadn’t quite come alive for the day yet, so I had this cute thought that maybe I could nap before we started the day. Then it clicked that I’m in New York and was like LOL we have about an hour to get ready and get an uber to our first show. Wishful thinking, ya feel me?

We hit up two shows yesterday: Sally LaPointe and Martin Keehn. Sally LaPointe was basically everything I want to be… clean black/white, classy but somehow still casual. I’d wear Sally LaPointe to grab a tea down the street or a cocktail at the Dream. And seeing how some of my favorite brands are Skingraft, ODD, etc, it was pretty easy to obsess over Sally LaPointe. Martin Keehn was also great because I hadn’t seen a menswear presentation in a while and the vibe of the show was really chill and not so rushed feeling like most of fashion week.

In between shows Rachel and I also stopped at the Sequin NYC showroom. My good friend is the PR girl at Sequin and she hooked us up with some cool jewels. After the three events of the day my the bottom of my feet felt like they were gonna explode (can’t complain though, I mean look at those amazing Steve Maddens) and I needed some grub in my system. So Rachel and I ended the night by ordering sushi in bed and watching the L word and falling asleep by the exciting hour of 11:30pm.

HAREM PANTS by Swaychic
TOP vintage

SHOES by Steve Madden
SUNGLASSES by Incognito Eyewear

Photos by Phillip Van Nostrand

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shaken skull.


it’s an ugly thing and you hear about it and you think about it but you don’t quite get it until it’s you, paralyzed at the knees in the middle of your kitchen, crumbled on the floor, like a baby deer’s unsuccessful first step, but in your case the person that taught you how to walk isn’t there to pick you up, instead she’s turned you inside out, putting your vulnerability on the forefront as you’re stuck inside yourself, struggling to see, feel, hear anything but the loud dial tone left from an abruptly ended conversation, echoing hatred from wall to wall and straight into your shaken skull, but you keep repeating in your head the teachers the books the research they all say it happens and you’ve felt it and you’ve let it kill you until you’ve believed in it but it takes one voice or the lack of it from one person one time to make you step backwards and overanalyze and perhaps even think you can change things back to match the desires of another but you’re unable to change or listen or speak and with the little space left in your brain to generate thoughts you wonder how can anyone hate such a pure thing so you say it louder than the dial tone, louder than her expectations, louder than your fears, how can you hate such a beautiful thing. 


LEATHER SKIRT by Grand Bizzare

Photos by Grand Bazzare

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nyfw day 4


The Sunday of fashion week was a bit more relaxed but productive. I spent 1.5 hours in a cab stuck in traffic on my way to interviewing the ladies of Veer NYC (look out for the interview next week). After fan-girling over Jenny and Allie of Veer at a cute little cafe in East Village, I met up with a few friends for a quick bite before the #socialyteGala, which mostly involved champaign, the Menswear Dog and… lots of mini veggie burgers.

The night naturally ended at The Hudson when we were all a little over human faces.


My outfit:
TOP by Urban Outfitters
HENDRIX PANTS by Our Prince of Peace

SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell

Top two photos by event photographers
See rest of event photos here

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nyfw day 3

IMG_1010 IMG_1467 IMG_9643IMG_9656IMG_9739IMG_9744IMG_9747IMG_98500091-WZMN59

Saturday of fashion week was, as expected, quite hectic. Rachel and I somehow managed to catch a cab to Lincoln Center in time for the Herve Leger show. Besides trying not to get distracted by how overcrowded and hot it was inside, the show was the strappy black, white, and otherwise dark presentation of my dreams.

After the show we did a few interviews and got photographed outside Lincoln and had just enough time to grab some coffee before heading to the Lookbook party… which was probably my favorite party of the weekend. the Lookbook crowd is different than your average fashion week crowd–there’s a general no-fucks-given attitude in the air. And it’s contagious. Instead of trying to namedrop or pretend to know designers no one’s ever heard of, the Lookbook family welcomed me with pretty cocktails and even prettier boy bartenders (yeah… I was even into them).

I’m trying to get these posts up as quickly as I can. I apologize for the delay!


My outfit:
CROP TOP by Topshop
SHOES by Unif

Runway photos by Brandon Farrington


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nyfw day 2


I arrived in Brooklyn late Friday (which was technically the second day of fashion week), put down my bags and rushed to get ready and head out to the NastyGal after party with my partner in fucking-shit-up, Rachel Lynch. It was easy getting dressed for the occasion in 10 minutes because my Our Prince of Peace pants gave me the perfect dose of sass for a NastyGal party, matched with the comfy but flattering top Motel rushed to me just in time for NYFW.

The NastyGal party was the perfect casual environment away from FW madness to hang with fellow bloggers I HATE BLONDE, Jag Lever, Feral Creature, and Lust for Life. And when I say party, I mean PARTY. Between the open bar, photo ops and struggling to talk about Miley’s tongue over the loud music, it was a mad decent way to start the week. Stay tuned for the rest of the madness.


My outfit:

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