thunder // lightening.


the thunder keeps us on our toes, we claim. the break of dawn is when we feel the most. grab a cup of tea, come back to bed. it’s a healing process; peel enough layers and you’ll forget where you started.

with legs intertwined, perhaps a trap will make you stay. and we’ll remain laying in bed watching the lightning till the morning. because the thunder is quite comforting. the sky doesn’t deserve to be happy if we’re not happy. it’s just more fair that way. or so we claim.


TOP BY I Am Vibes
Moira Noree Vintage

Photos by Calvin Bellas

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nyfw day 3

IMG_1010 IMG_1467 IMG_9643IMG_9656IMG_9739IMG_9744IMG_9747IMG_98500091-WZMN59

Saturday of fashion week was, as expected, quite hectic. Rachel and I somehow managed to catch a cab to Lincoln Center in time for the Herve Leger show. Besides trying not to get distracted by how overcrowded and hot it was inside, the show was the strappy black, white, and otherwise dark presentation of my dreams.

After the show we did a few interviews and got photographed outside Lincoln and had just enough time to grab some coffee before heading to the Lookbook party… which was probably my favorite party of the weekend. the Lookbook crowd is different than your average fashion week crowd–there’s a general no-fucks-given attitude in the air. And it’s contagious. Instead of trying to namedrop or pretend to know designers no one’s ever heard of, the Lookbook family welcomed me with pretty cocktails and even prettier boy bartenders (yeah… I was even into them).

I’m trying to get these posts up as quickly as I can. I apologize for the delay!


My outfit:
CROP TOP by Topshop
SHOES by Unif

Runway photos by Brandon Farrington


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