build fires.

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soon it will be cold enough to build fires. and that’s a challenge we’re willing to take. the tree branches surrounding our cabin have the strength to hold the heavy, cold snow without giving in, and on this cold day i’d like to remind you that we’re no less capable. so open your front door and face the earth as it lies ahead of you. it’s an easy game to stay trapped inside our cozy bubble of wishful thinking, but i assure you the pain is worth the play- that our strength coupled with our willingness to feel the cold before the heat is exactly the kind of mindset that brought our coexistence together.

so drink sun water and let it alleviate you. build fires with the help of other warm hands. soon it will be cold enough to build fires and we’re more prepared than we’ve ever been.


FUR COAT by Bitching and Junk Food

Photos by I Hate Blonde

Listening to: Soon it will be cold enough to build fires
By Emancipator

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creature of playing.

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you’re a creature of playing, a creature of dreams.


TARTAN PANTS by Motel Rocks

Photos by Cachet

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candle heart.

Motel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastyGal

i blink vulnerability. it’s what makes me human. and it’s more endearing than you might think. a dash of doubt, a splash of lost, and a tingle in my heart that doesn’t quite know which emotion to gravitate towards.

i wish you would see it- that the runny wax from your candle heart is much prettier liquified. once reached the surface of its cold surrounded walls, the runny wax of your heart hardens. you follow your logic- that no one will break you if they’ve never seen you broken.

but one day you’ll get it- that those who make us vulnerable give us the rare chance of being human. for better or for worse. risking stabilized emotions. letting loose all that makes us vulnerable at a chance of gaining a little thing called being human. and it’s much prettier than you might think.

because this is human stuff, you know, it’s what sets me apart from the cold, consistent ground i’m standing on.


HAMSA TOP by Motel Rocks
PLATFORM SHOE by Jeffrey Campbell x Nastygal
FUR COAT by Nastygal

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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thunder // lightening.


the thunder keeps us on our toes, we claim. the break of dawn is when we feel the most. grab a cup of tea, come back to bed. it’s a healing process; peel enough layers and you’ll forget where you started.

with legs intertwined, perhaps a trap will make you stay. and we’ll remain laying in bed watching the lightning till the morning. because the thunder is quite comforting. the sky doesn’t deserve to be happy if we’re not happy. it’s just more fair that way. or so we claim.


TOP BY I Am Vibes
Moira Noree Vintage

Photos by Calvin Bellas

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devil’s wit


today i miss you. not because i want you back. or because i ever want to go back to that place. but something about the familiarity, i miss. but i remember:

walking along shore of those gray tides
brought no comfort to my taurean eyes
your words of comfort arrived at their leisure
your words of wisdom barely existed

these words, they crawled out of your mouth
sneaky as the devil’s wit
clever as a young man’s charm
the vacuum that was the welcome sign to your heart

you almost had me.

and i’m aware of that. i’m aware of the box of tangled chains that was once us. but sometimes i steer away from that—voluntary or not—and on days like today, i miss you.



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