build fires.

winter fashion - bitching and junk food

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soon it will be cold enough to build fires. and that’s a challenge we’re willing to take. the tree branches surrounding our cabin have the strength to hold the heavy, cold snow without giving in, and on this cold day i’d like to remind you that we’re no less capable. so open your front door and face the earth as it lies ahead of you. it’s an easy game to stay trapped inside our cozy bubble of wishful thinking, but i assure you the pain is worth the play- that our strength coupled with our willingness to feel the cold before the heat is exactly the kind of mindset that brought our coexistence together.

so drink sun water and let it alleviate you. build fires with the help of other warm hands. soon it will be cold enough to build fires and we’re more prepared than we’ve ever been.


FUR COAT by Bitching and Junk Food

Photos by I Hate Blonde

Listening to: Soon it will be cold enough to build fires
By Emancipator

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