public desire.

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a little bit of androgyny for ya in collaboration with Public Desire shoes. i’ve been searching for the perfect pointed toe for months, and was stoked to find them on PD. they’re made from all man-made materials, and are surprisingly scratch resistant. a great choice if you don’t wanna empty your wallet on a pair of short boots but also don’t want crappy material.

on most days you can catch me looking something like this. in other words, this is the most ‘me’ look i’ve posted in a while.


Photos by Calvin Bellas

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candle heart.

Motel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastygalMotel Rocks - NastyGal

i blink vulnerability. it’s what makes me human. and it’s more endearing than you might think. a dash of doubt, a splash of lost, and a tingle in my heart that doesn’t quite know which emotion to gravitate towards.

i wish you would see it- that the runny wax from your candle heart is much prettier liquified. once reached the surface of its cold surrounded walls, the runny wax of your heart hardens. you follow your logic- that no one will break you if they’ve never seen you broken.

but one day you’ll get it- that those who make us vulnerable give us the rare chance of being human. for better or for worse. risking stabilized emotions. letting loose all that makes us vulnerable at a chance of gaining a little thing called being human. and it’s much prettier than you might think.

because this is human stuff, you know, it’s what sets me apart from the cold, consistent ground i’m standing on.


HAMSA TOP by Motel Rocks
PLATFORM SHOE by Jeffrey Campbell x Nastygal
FUR COAT by Nastygal

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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shaken skull.


it’s an ugly thing and you hear about it and you think about it but you don’t quite get it until it’s you, paralyzed at the knees in the middle of your kitchen, crumbled on the floor, like a baby deer’s unsuccessful first step, but in your case the person that taught you how to walk isn’t there to pick you up, instead she’s turned you inside out, putting your vulnerability on the forefront as you’re stuck inside yourself, struggling to see, feel, hear anything but the loud dial tone left from an abruptly ended conversation, echoing hatred from wall to wall and straight into your shaken skull, but you keep repeating in your head the teachers the books the research they all say it happens and you’ve felt it and you’ve let it kill you until you’ve believed in it but it takes one voice or the lack of it from one person one time to make you step backwards and overanalyze and perhaps even think you can change things back to match the desires of another but you’re unable to change or listen or speak and with the little space left in your brain to generate thoughts you wonder how can anyone hate such a pure thing so you say it louder than the dial tone, louder than her expectations, louder than your fears, how can you hate such a beautiful thing. 


LEATHER SKIRT by Grand Bizzare

Photos by Grand Bazzare

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