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worn out blogstyle blog - worn outstyle blog - fashion blogstyle blog - worn outyou left for a long time today. lifted yourself out of your miserable constant, i suppose. i called to say goodbye. not because i care about you. but because i want you to care about me. a ‘courtesy call’, right? like when those telemarketers call in the middle of your dragging work day to pretend like they give a shit about your needs.

our phone conversation drifts in and out like waves. much like the presence of your emotional state. barely reaching shore. coming and going at your leisure. but i’m forgiving, i suppose. i’ll lift the heaviness in your chest because as i’ve told you many times before, the heaviness in your chest is transferable energy. because behind all your “yes” “great” “i’ll call” “i’ll email” talk i can feel the buzzing of an underlying statement: “someone come and lift me out of here”. but no one can hear your buzzing over the filler words. they can just feel it. they can identify with it. they can, regardless of your strong efforts in blocking off your leaking emotions, forgive. but i’m only forgiving because i’ve needed to be forgiven.


PANTS by Motel Rocks
DENIM MOTO VEST by 15 FIFTEEN (via Urban Outfitters)

Photos by Sam Doyle

Listening to: Sierra Lift
by Blue Hawaii

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  1. i love it, you are such a peach! i’m in the current makings of creating my own blog, as you’ve inspired me and continue to inspire me to no end! let’s collaborate? i’m sure there is much i could learn from you as i could be considered a complete and total NOOB in regards to the internet. you are currently the only person i’ve told about my foray into the blogging world… as i am terrified of failure and embarrassment. both of which could come from me and my attempt at style blogging.
    – _ –

    xo, tiara

    1. Girl of course! Let’s collab. Styling is scary because everyone has their own opinion on it, but the important thing is to remember you’re doing this for yourself and if others are inspired by you, that’s fucking sweet.

      A blogger friend of mine told me (when I was in your position) you’ll never understand where you wanna take your art until you begin. So start!!!


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