creature of playing.

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  1. found your blog randomly but i am not yet convinced at your ability to style anyone much less yourself. all i see is relatively generic everything as far as clothing and your styling goes. keep doing what your doing though, maybe you’ll change it up a bit and throw together something really surprising and different. i hope you don’t find this constructive criticism offensive, from one blogger to another. i just think you can do better. given the circumstances (of which i do not really know you are under) these posts could be fantastic. not everyone has the means to shop exclusively at saks 5th ave or barney’s… but that doesn’t mean you should dress like a 16 year old who’s mother just let them go on a shopping spree at forever2. if you mean to be respected in the fashion community, you’ve got to step it up a notch or 5. anyone could put this outfit on and walk down the street pretending to be a fashion savvy wannabe blogger. you’ve got the androgynous look going for you, so maybe play on that a bit more with oversized menswear pieces and a chic pair of miu miu flats or better yet, a streamline pair of classic louboutin pumps.

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and post this detailed comment!

      Thankfully, fashion is awesome because it has no rules. But by all means, follow the rules you just stated above 🙂 xx

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