walk with me.

missguided - style blog - androgynous fashion missguided - style blog - androgynous fashion missguided - style blog - androgynous fashionmissguided - style blog - androgynous fashionmissguided - style blog - androgynous fashion missguided - style blog - androgynous fashion missguided - style blog - androgynous fashion missguided - style blog - androgynous fashionmissguided - style blog - androgynous fashion

“walk with me walk with me, baby come on, talk with me talk with me
i like the way you move, i like the way you groove, it’s just the little things you do”


TROUSERS by Missguided
SHOES by Missguided

Photos by Sam Doyle

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lion’s soul.

Shooka_Bridge_9Shooka_Bridge_14Shooka_Bridge_13Shooka_Bridge_15 Shooka_Bridge_12 Shooka_Bridge_11 Shooka_Bridge_10 Shooka_Bridge_8 Shooka_Bridge_6Shooka_Bridge_7 Shooka_Bridge_5 Shooka_Bridge_4 Shooka_Bridge_2 Shooka_Bridge_1

i came to you on an october night and sat with you on your brown couch against the window, the same couch that used to collect dust in your mom’s basement when you were nowhere to be found. the room sat in silence as the swirls of burning incense lazily circulated the room, like a tired out tornado ready to go home. we felt responsible with heavy words sitting on our chests, ready to burst out of our mouths like a flame captivated from a lion’s soul.

you finally looked at me, with heavy eyelids and a weak voice, and asked:

“if you had a lot of nightmares and was given the option to stop dreaming forever, would you do it?”

i didn’t answer. because we both know there’s no peaceful way to escape a flame. you gotta put out the fire slowly because if you do it all at once, smoke will take over the room and your reasons for putting out the fire will become hazy.


SUNGLASSES by Incognito Eyewear
SHOES by Steve Madden

BLUE SATCHEL by Paul’s Boutique
SHEER DRESS by Forever 21

Photos by Kohl Murdock

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paper and plastic pilgrimage.

28270015 283400072834001128340012 28340013 28340014 28400009 2840001128400010 28410003 28410004 2841000728410006 284200112842000428420009Untitled-228410014 28410018 Untitled-19Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-13 Untitled-14 Untitled-20

you’re driving into the city again. and as you approach the city, order becomes king. symmetry is honored. and paper and plastic are worshipped.

plastic plastic plastic containers for your leftovers that match your plastic dinner table that match your plastic purse that everyone decided is worth an entire paycheck because some asshole’s name is written on the front in pretty little gems. and you keep exchanging more paper for more plastic and you don’t even know why you’re doing it because amidst of the tall buildings and flashing lights it’s hard to focus and remember why this pilgrimage of paper and plastic ever started.


All photos taken at Burning Man 2014
35mm photos by me and Tyke Riggs

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underwater city.


bodies are shifting all around me, stepping from one square brick to the next. at some point, someone took a brick to hand and placed it here, carefully glueing a stepping stone for all to conquer. yet there’s no movement here. i watch faces pass each other in utter disinterest. like lukewarm water escaping the palm of my hands and heading downward through my fingers. i’m out of touch.

i crave mayhem, i crave for the rush. i’m afraid there’s no progress. and maybe the city is underwater, slowing down movement as some rip through their muscles trying to paddle forward, unable to beat the current.


BODYSUIT by Nasty Gal
SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell
BAG by Paul’s Boutique
NECKLACE by Blue Hen Shop
BRACELET by Electric Feather Co

Photos by Briana Elledge

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suffocate the dictator.

nylon33 nylon35 nylon37nylon39nylon48nylon38 nylon41 nylon46 nylon47

it’s easy to let limitation be the dictator. like the eery sound of a silent room without vents or circulation. hollow yet substantial.

but how beautiful life can be when you simply let yourself ride. when you realize freedom isn’t about the rules made by those around you but about the limitations you put on your own choices.

run up hills, roll down them. let the air around you suffocate the dictator.


HAT by Nasty Gal

Location: Nylon event

Photos by Jen Senn

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New York Fashion Week Day 4

new york fashion weekpaul's boutiquenyfwnyfwnyfwnew york fashion weekthriftwaresnyfwjeffrey campbell - new york fashion weekincognito eyewearnew york fashion weeknyfw mbfw ihateblonde - new york fashion week

4th day of fashion week was another busy day. To start the day we grabbed a mimosa and watched the Darkoh show, to continue our slight obsession with menswear this season. Then we checked out the Maison Kitsune presentation at the Standard. Maison Kitsune is not my style but I like when looks that aren’t typically what I would go for grab my attention, which this presentation definitely did.

Rachel and I ran into our friend and fellow blogger Eugenie of Feral Creature, and we all headed over to the Nylon party. As expected, Nylon threw an awesome party. We spent the majority of our time sipping on tequila sunrises while sit-dancing (that is, when you’ve been wearing heels for 12 hours a day every day that week and want to dance but can’t quite do it standing up) at our booth next to the DJ. I even got a chance to meet and have a few conversations with the owner of Nylon, which was definitely unexpected but awesome.

It was an insanely fun night filled with tequila and laughing and photo booth sessions, but we definitely paid for it the next day, haha.


SHIRT + SHORTS by Frontrow
GREEN SHAWL by Thriftwares
BAG by Paul’s Boutique
SUNGLASSES by Incognito Eyewear
SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell
HAT by Nasty Gal

Photos by Bri Elledge

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New York Fashion Week Day 3

new york fashion week10336588_10103378938157677_4763867771976115765_nIMG_1504IMG_1507IMG_1506BDE_6434 paul's boutique thriftwaresIMG_1549sequin nyc jewelrybcbg jacket thriftwaresnyfwDay three of fashion week was pretty productive and inspiring. My favorite part of fashion week is getting to see so many different designs and styles back to back, and in return getting inspired for my own designs and styling. It’s also amazing to meet all the driven, dedicated people involved in fashion, who each have a different role and contribute to this giant amazing mess called fashion week.

Anyway, above are a few photos that one of my photographers Phil took of me following the Sheena Trivedi show. The harem pants I’m wearing here (by Thriftwares- check them out!) are probably my most favorite thing I’ve ever owned. So androgynous and chic and perfect. After the Trivedi show we headed straight to Milk Studios, which is my favorite venue to see fashion in. We got to hang and sip on some champagne pre show in the penthouse lounge then saw some amazing menswear presentations. Rachel and I decided we could see menswear for all of fashion week and be happy.


HAREM PANTS by Thriftwares
BAG by Paul’s Boutique
NECKLACE by Sequin
SUNGLASSES by Incognito Eyewear
SHOES by Steve Madden

Photos by Phillip Van Nostrand and Bri Elledge

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