bizarre hearts.

IMG_2254IMG_2271IMG_2272IMG_2274IMG_2275IMG_2262IMG_2268 IMG_2280 IMG_2290 IMG_2302

bizarre hearts, together.


TOP & JACKET by Grand Bizarre
ROMPER by Missguided

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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corner of the world.

Missguided Missguided Missguided clothingMissguided clothingMissguided clothingMissguided clothing Missguided clothing

i’ve been chasing the corner of the world, the crammed triangle where my two sides meet. stained lips and bruised skin, i never imagined a happy balance would look like this. i’m told this level of trust in the flow is dangerous. but maybe it’s because they’re confusing happiness with having to make little to no decisions.

i let a man permanently write the word ‘balance’ in farsi scripture on my back so for every confused person standing behind me in a grocery store line, there’s at least one thought in my head acknowledging its existence.


JACKET by Missguided
ROMPER by Missguided
NECKLACE by Sparkle & Pop

Photos by Rachel Lynch

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foxiedox jumpsuitfoxiedox jumpsuitfoxiedox jumpsuitfoxiedox jumpsuit foxiedox jumpsuit

The moment you stop declaring a physical space your home is the moment you begin to feel euphoric, unattached, free.


JUMPSUIT by Foxiedox

Photos by Ally Seracki

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IMG_1506IMG_1497motel rocksIMG_1520IMG_1525IMG_1405IMG_1365privileged shoesIMG_1377

i’m tired. i walked all the way across the desert, looking for a trace of something grounded. something tangible. sometimes i lose track of my path, and have to look down at the calluses on my feet to remind myself why i’m here.

i’m frozen in a moment that feels like a million milliseconds spread across the length of the desert. i wait for it all year. it’s an uneasiness that’s ironically cured by a certain level of fear, uncertainty. when things come too easy you start to wonder. you start to lose faith in the flow. so  you have to get up and pack your backpack. you have to go searching for things that are right in front of you, just to remind yourself they’re there.


SWIM WEAR by Motel
SHOES by Privileged Shoes
SWEATER by NastyGal

Photos by Kayleigh Waterman
Edit by Rachel Lynch

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IMG_1760IMG_1774 IMG_1782IMG_1884 IMG_1891 IMG_1893 IMG_1896

ravaging through the desert – sugar high and love stoned. not one minuscule flash of thought in mind.


BLACK CAPE by Missguided

Photos by Kayleigh Waterman
Edit by Rachel Lynch

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say my name.

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in my defense i always fall for confidence
and your compliments look good on me

odesza, say my name


JACKET by Elite 99

Photos by Beth Kotz

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public desire.

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a little bit of androgyny for ya in collaboration with Public Desire shoes. i’ve been searching for the perfect pointed toe for months, and was stoked to find them on PD. they’re made from all man-made materials, and are surprisingly scratch resistant. a great choice if you don’t wanna empty your wallet on a pair of short boots but also don’t want crappy material.

on most days you can catch me looking something like this. in other words, this is the most ‘me’ look i’ve posted in a while.


Photos by Calvin Bellas

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